Inventory of Historic Maps of Mississippi,
created 2007-2017,
by Paul Davis

Title: [Battle of Ackia.]
Author: [Broutin, Ignace Francois],[d.1751].
Situation Date:1736
Publication Date:[1736?]
Features:Forests, hills, river, ravine, path, Indian settlement, fort and structures, routes of attacking French forces.
Comments:Feature Note: Map shows alphabetical codes, but no key to any features except "B" which is a fort. Wikipedia image link indicates the following key: Translation of the legend: A - Community of Ackia which was attacked. B - Fort Tchouka falaya. C - Fort Apeony where the English had a depot. D - Round fortified cabins. E - Rectangular fortified cabins. F - Fortified cabin
Repository Note: [Paris]: [French government archives], [n.d.]. Map used to illustrate an article in the New Orleans Times Picayune 10/10/1937: "This old sketch of the Battle of Ackia, taken from the French government's archives in Paris, was made by an officer who accompanied Governor Bienville's ill-fated expedition in 1736."
Color Note: Map via link is in color.
Coverage:Lee County in vicinity of Tupelo
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Size (inches):7 X 7.8