Title:Battle of Corinth, Miss. : Fri.-Sat., Oct. 3-4, 1862. Prepared by Monroe F. Cockrell.
Author:Cockrell, Monroe F. (Monroe Fulkerson)
Scale:1 inch to 2,640 feet
Situation Date:October 3-4, 1862
Publication Date:1907
Features:Drainage, roads, railroads, location of local residents, fortifications,, troop positions,batteries, time, location and directions of battle events.
Comments:Title Note: "Outline in part from 'OR'[Official Records Atlas] plates 13-25, drawn by Russell E. Trauth, April 30, 1946."
Features Note: contains brief notes describing the "Federal occupation of Corinth, May 30, 1862." Fight at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862."
Publication Note: "Copyright by Monroe Cockrell No. F511, series 5, V.M.I. [Virginia Military Indtitute] 1907."
Coverage:Alcorn County
Repository:Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division | National Archives and Records Administration, Cartographic and Architectural Records
Publisher:Monroe F. Cockrell
Size (inches):21 X 26