Title:County Map of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Author:Industrial and Agricultural Development Department
Scale:1 inch to 20 miles.
Situation Date:1938
Publication Date:1938
Features:Drainage, states, counties, cities, towns, communities, railroads-named, stations.
Comments:Features Note: Legend titled: Mineral Resources and Growing seasons in territory served by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, hydro electric plants. Legend is keyed to illustrate location of mineral types and growing season areas by crop type and average number of days during a year.
Coverage Note: Railroad line and stations in Mississippi are in coastal counties only-Harrison, Hancock and Jackson Counties.
Coverage:Southeastern U.S.
Repository:Birmingham Public Library Cartography Collection.
Publisher:Buffalo: J. W. Clement Co., Matthews-Northrup Works, 1938.
Link:http://alabamamaps.ua.edu/historicalmaps/railroads/Louisvill e%20and%20Nashville%20RR.htm