Inventory of Historic Maps of Mississippi,
created 2007-2017,
by Paul Davis

Title:Bird's eye view of the Mississippi River from the mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, 1883 drawn and engraved by Edward Molitor ; issued by American Trade Journal, S.M. Yeaman, publisher.
Author:Molitor, Edward
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 8.7 miles
Situation Date:[1880-1883]
Publication Date:1883
Features:Relief, drainage, lakes, Mississippi River islands, mounds, sandbars, natural features-named, boat landings, cities, towns, communities, railroads, names of some residents.
Comments:Features Note: features are illustrated via three oblique views west to east. Mississippi Archives version is Accompanied by a small book of same title which gives the population of principal points on the river and their distances to the Gulf of Mexico.
Publisher Note: The Mississippi River Commission copy notes: "Cleveland, O Brooks & Co.
Coverage:Mouth of Missouri River to Gulf of Mexico (western three-quarters of Mississippi)
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History | Mississippi River Commission | Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division
Publisher:St. Louis, (Cleveland: Brooks & Co Publishers, 1884)
Size (inches):16 X 30.8
Link: ionumber=72491