Inventory of Historic Maps of Mississippi,
created 2007-2017,
by Paul Davis

Title:Copy of a draught of some places near of Mississippi recvt. 4, 1722, from Mr. Young, agent for South Carolina.
Author:Mr. Young
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 9 miles
Situation Date:1722
Type:Film negative and linen tracing paper
Features:Drainage in vicinity of Gulf Coast area, islands, forts-named, soundings in vicinity of islands.
Comments:Type Note: Hand traced from Library of Congress version.
Features Note: Relief shown by form lines.
language Note: Place names are in French.
Coverage:Coasts of western Florida, Alabama, Mississippi (Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties) and southeastern Louisiana
Repository:Library of Congress | Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Language:English and French
Size (inches):18 X 41