Inventory of Historic Maps of Mississippi,
created 2007-2017,
by Paul Davis

Title:The distribution of Indian tribes in the Southeast about the year 1715.
Author:[Bureau of American Ethnology]
Situation Date:1715
Publication Date:1922
Features:Rivers, islands, bays, trails, Indian settlements with male population noted, forts with population, historical notes about past battles, and notes about land cover.
Comments:Bibliographic Note: "Bureau of American Ethnology; Bulletin 73, Plate 3." Also In: Early history of the Creek Indians and their neighbors / by John Reed Swanton. -- Washington : Government Printing Office, 1922, (Bulletin Smithsonian Institution)." Redrawn from a blueprint of the original among the British Archives." General Note: Inscription on verso: Gift of John W. Gillon. Presented by: John W. Gillon. Bureau of American Ethnology) ; 73) -- plate 7. For a fuller description of the 1715 map, see William P. Cumming, The Southeast in Early Maps, no. 157.
Link Note: Linked image was Published in and extracted from "Early History of the Creek Indians" by John R. Swanton (1873-1958), Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 73, 1922.
Coverage:Southeastern United States
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History | Samford University
Publisher:[Washington : Government Printing Office, 1922].
Size (inches):15.3 X 22