Title:Alabama Mississippi and Louisana.
Author:Morse, Sidney E. [Edwards] [1794-1871]
Scale:ca 1inch to 6 miles
Situation Date:1823
Publication Date:1823
Features:Relief, drainage, lakes, counties, towns, some court houses.
Comments:Publisher Note: In Sidney Morse's Atlas of the United States, New Haven, 1823. from: An atlas of the United States, on an improved plan; consisting of ten maps, with a complete index to each, and a general map of the whole country. By Sidney E. Morse, A.M. New-Haven: engraved and published by N. & S.S. Jocelyn. 1823.
Coverage:Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana
Repository:David Rumsey Map Collection | Library of Congress
Publisher:(New-Haven: N. & S.S. Jocelyn. 1823)
Size (inches):7.5x9.75
Link:http://www.davidrumsey.com/detail?id=1-1-29490-1130532&name= Alabama,+Miss.,+La.