Title:Approaches to Grand Gulf from a Topographical & Hydrographical survey by F.H. Gerdes, Assistant, assigned by A.D. Bache Supdt. U.S. Coast Survey to act under orders of Rear Admiral D.D. Porter U.S. Navy Commanding Mississippi Squadron.
Author:Gerdes, F. H.
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 833 feet
Situation Date:1864
Features:Relief, drainage,wooded areas, swamp, Grand Gulf streets, "plantation of "Col. Coffee," structures, orchards, fields, railroads, paths, Confederate positions, forts-"Ft. Cobun," "Ft. Wade,.
Comments:Features Note: "Col. Coffee Plantation", "Ft. Coburn", "Ft. Wade" and "Magazine" are noted.
Publisher note: Stamped: "USC&G (US Coast and Geodetic) Survey, Library and Archives No. 567," on a preliminary work copy. This copy is a photo copy and is annotated in pencil and ink illustrating more extensive fortifications at Fort Wade. Mississippi Archives item is a printed copy produced by Washington : U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962. "Plate 11" Another U.S. Coast Survey version can be viewed at: http://alabamamaps.ua.edu/historicalmaps/Coastal%20Survey%20Maps/mississippi.htm
Coverage:Claiborne County
Repository:Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division | Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Publisher:US Coast and Geodetic Survey
Size (inches):22 x 15