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Annual Report for Mississippi Nursing Degree Programs

The Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning has statutory authority over the rules, regulations and accreditation standards for schools of nursing in the state of Mississippi. Nursing degree program annual reports compile statistics and data on admissions, enrollment and graduate rates broken down by school and degree awarded; degree completion rates; and enrollment by clinical practice role. The Department of Archives and History has electronic (PDF) copies of the report from 2005.

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Athletic Guides, Publications and Photographs, 1930-2021, Series 0296

This series consists of athletic guides, publications, and photographs that give information and highlights from the athletic seasons of different sports, such as football, baseball and basketball, at Mississippi State University. Series 0296 forms part of the Institutions of Higher Learning/Mississippi State University Records. In addition to paper records, MDAH has two digital photographs in the series.

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Board of Trustees Minutes, 1984 - 2007

The series contains electronic copies of minutes of regular, executive session, and special session meetings of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, July 1984 to August 2007. The minutes for 1984 to 1986 are digital images of the signed paper originals, while those for 1987 to 1999 are unsigned word processor files. Beginning with 2000 the minutes are primarily word processor files that have been digitally signed, some including exhibits consisting of digitized documents.

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School Documents

This is a collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century state documents, including school programs and flyers, that were published at Mississippi's colleges and universities and previously archived as broadsides.