WLBT Newsfilm Collection

Filename Event Description
MP_198001_D01_0001_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman Gov. James P. Coleman speaks to Miss. legislature. Ross Barnett shown. Coleman discusses common law marriages and a State Sovereignty Bill. Scene changes to Coleman addressing unidentified group.
MP_198001_D01_0002_ref.mov Atty. Gen. James P. Coleman Atty. Gen. James P. Coleman's campaign speech for Governor. Discusses regulating utility companies
MP_198001_D01_0003_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman Gov. James P. Coleman discusses upcoming Democratic Conference in Knoxville. Discusses election campaign, the effect of black population on school system and a farm bill. This is a 'Report to the People' broadcast. Additional: Democratic Party, Public Schools, Agriculture
MP_198001_D01_0004_ref.mov Ross Barnett Campaign Speech *Ross Barnett discusses segregation of the races. A Confederate flag hangs from the podium.
MP_198001_D01_0005_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman Gov. James P. Coleman addresses 1956 State Democratic Convention. Additional: Democratic Party
MP_198001_D01_0006_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman *Gov. James P. Coleman discusses the football game between Univ. of Miss. and Tulane, the Miss. voting laws, upcoming presidential election and segregation. Additional: Voting Procedures
MP_198001_D02_0007_ref.mov James P. Coleman Inauguration *Gov. James P. Coleman's inauguration speech in front of State Capitol Building. Talks about segregation of the races. Former Gov. Hugh White is shown. Crowds gathered. Gov. and his wife greet people at Governor's mansion.
MP_198001_D02_0008_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman James P. Coleman taking Oath of Office as Governor of Miss. Former Gov. Hugh White is standing next to Coleman.
MP_198001_D02_0009_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman *Gov. James P. Coleman discusses the investigation of the Columbia Training School, a constitutional convention, segregation and welfare assistance. This is a 'Report to the People' broadcast.
MP_198001_D02_0010_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman Gov. James P. Coleman discusses the possibility of a special session of the Miss. legislature. This is a 'Report to the People' broadcast.
MP_198001_D02_0011_ref.mov Gov. Hugh White Gov. Hugh White and Mrs. White are greeting people at Governor's Mansion. Scene changes to Gov. Hugh White. Scene changes to a beauty contest where White is awarding the winner.
MP_198001_D02_0012_ref.mov Gov. Hugh White Gov. Hugh White addresses the Miss. legislature.
MP_198001_D02_0013_ref.mov Ross Barnett Inauguration Parade includes Colonels, Miss. College Marching Choctaws, Ross Barnett. Barnett taking Oath of Office. Inauguration Speech. Paul B. Johnson shown. Crowds in front of Governor's Mansion. Gov. Barnett and wife shown seated.
MP_198001_D02_0014_ref.mov V.P. Richard M. Nixon Visit V.P. Richard M. Nixon and wife depart from airplane. Miss June Wood, 'Miss Hospitality of 1960', Gov. Ross Barnett and Mayor Allen C. Thompson greet the Nixons. Nixon's speech. Newsmen seated at tables in front of podium. Parade shown. Secret Service men shown.
MP_198001_D03_0015_ref.mov Thurgood Marshall *Thurgood Marshall (NAACP Chief Legal Counsel) discusses the attitude to the south regarding blacks. Additional: Race Relations
MP_198001_D03_0016_ref.mov Clarence Mitchell *Clarence Mitchell, of the NAACP, discusses voting rights issue and school integration in Miss. Additional: Public Schools
MP_198001_D03_0017_ref.mov Dr. Ralph Bunche *Dr. Ralph Bunche talks about International Children's Art Show.
MP_198001_D03_0018_ref.mov Alcorn A & M College *Alcorn A & M College. Student body president (Earnest McEwan, Jr.)reads statement objecting to newspaper articles written by Prof. Clennon King. Students walking on campus.
MP_198001_D03_0019_ref.mov Gov. James P. Coleman *Gov. James P. Coleman comments on the attempt of Clennon King to register at Univ. of Miss.
MP_198001_D03_0020_ref.mov M.C. Parker Case *Unidentified man is interviewed by Dick Morphew about race relations in the state. Scene changes to Atty. Jess Brown discussing the lynching of M.C. Parker. Brown was Parker's attorney. Additional: Murders
MP_198001_D03_0021_ref.mov M.C. Parker Lynching *Gov. James P. Coleman comments on M.C. Parker lynching. Additional: Murders
MP_198001_D03_0022_ref.mov Catholic Church Ceremony Catholic Church ceremony at St. Peters Cathedral. Ceremony for elected bishop. Possibly broadcast live.
MP_198001_D03_0023_ref.mov Willie Richardson Day *Willie Richardson Day. Mayor Allen C. Thompson praises Willie Richardson - Jackson State College athlete. Dr. Jacob Reddix, President of the College and City Commissioners D.L. Luckey and Thomas Marshall are present. Sound is distorted. Additional: Athletes
MP_198001_D04_0024_ref.mov Trailways Bus Station *Police standing outside Trailways Bus Station. Blacks and whites entering through door which reads 'Colored Waiting Room'. Additional: Segregated Facilities, Freedom Riders
MP_198001_D04_0025_ref.mov Roy Wilkins *Roy Wilkins of the NAACP is interviewed on the issue of the Freedom Riders and how blacks can be successful in 'challenging the law.'
MP_198001_D04_0026_ref.mov James Meredith & Univ. of Miss. *Reporter Norman Brewer at Univ. of Miss. Registration of James Meredith is discussed. This is the day before registration for transfer students. Additional: School Integration
MP_198001_D04_0027_ref.mov James Meredith & Univ. of Miss. *Crowds line streets by Univ. of Miss. campus and are shouting 'We Want Ross!' Police are shown. Crowds wait for arrival of James Meredith and Federal Marshalls.
MP_198001_D04_0028_ref.mov Jackson State Homecoming Parade *Parade includes marching band and floats. Mayor Allen C. Thompson presents certificate to Jackson State College President Jacob Reddix and congratulates him on football team. Jackson State College athlete Willie Richardson is shown. Additional: Athletes.