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Washington County School Photograph Scrapbooks

These three scrapbooks feature photographs of schools in Washington County, Mississippi, during the 1940s -60s. The scrapbooks are labeled "Washington County School Buildings: October 1955," "Washington County School Buildings: January 1960," and "Washington County Negro Schools: Early Schools and Activities." The first two albums contain mainly exterior views of school buildings and staff residences, with a few interior shots included in the second. The photographs in the third scrapbook focus primarily on people – mostly students and teachers engaged in school activities. There is some overlap, especially in the first two albums, with Series 1513: School Photograph Scrapbooks, which is accessible in "School Photographs (Mississippi), 1920s-1980s" in the Digital Archives. The Washington County school photograph scrapbooks were scanned as 600ppi RGB TIFF files by MDAH in March of 2010 and are accessible here as JPEG tile sets.