Advertising Commission, State

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State Advertising Commission, Manuscripts, Proofs and Printing Plates. Oversize Proofs, 1936-1937, undated

The State Advertising Commission was formed as a result of an act by the state legislature in 1936 which "authorized the secretary of state, in cooperation with the governor, to advertise the natural resources and advantages, and commercial and industrial opportunities of the state by publicity and distributing printed matter of various advertising materials" (Laws, 1936, Chapter 212, H.B. 793). The Commission compiled and analyzed sales tax receipts, number of employees in tourism related occupations, wage indexes, and gasoline and oil receipts in order to compare the state's past economic growth with that of the present. In 1940, the Commission's powers and duties were incorporated by the newly created Mississippi Board of Development as a division of that agency.

These oversize proofs are large advertisements intended to be seen as full page newspaper ads promoting the "Balance Agriculture with Industry" program and the state itself, including a series of maps featuring different aspects of Mississippi such as education, literature and legend, history, and recreation. We have scans of one folder of oversized proofs, dated between 1936 and 1937, as well as undated.