Administrative Procedures Law Files, 2002-2009 Series 0034

The files in this series pertain to Mississippi state agencies' compliance with the "Mississippi Administrative Procedures Law" passed in 1977 (Mississippi Code 1972, Annotated, Title 25, Chapter 43, Section 1), which mandates agencies to periodically file with the Secretary of State official statements of rules, regulations, and policies, as well as any changes to rules, etc. The electronic files are mostly word processing (DOC, RTF, and WPD) and portable document format (PDF) files, with a few image (JPEG, TIFF) and email (EML) files as well. All have been converted to PDF files for easier access.

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Filename Title
54.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\Telemergency Regulation Final.pdf
58.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\Telemergency Regulation.pdf
56.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\Telemergency Regulation Temporary File.pdf
59.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\UR Amendment.doc
60.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\UR Deleted.docm
61.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\UR Reg.pdf
63.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\USMLE Reg.pdf
65.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\USMLE Step 3 regulation.pdf
67.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\Utilization Review Reg.pdf
70.pdf BoardofMedicalLicensure\Utilization Review Regulation.pdf
71.pdf BoardofPhysicalTherapy\Intent to Adopt.2006.doc
72.pdf BoardofPhysicalTherapy\NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULE SOS FORM APA 001.doc
73.pdf BoardofPhysicalTherapy\NOTICE OF RULE ADOPTION--FINAL SOS FORM APA 2006.doc
74.pdf BoardofPhysicalTherapy\Original.Final Adopt Board regs.2006.doc
75.pdf BoardofPsychology\rr.doc 2nd.doc
76.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\ADOPTION PROPOSED FORM AND PROPOSED REVISED RULES - Bd of R.pdf
78.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\FINAL REVISED RULES, submitted August 25, 2006.pdf
80.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\JPEG Format\Notice of Proposed Rule Adoption, Bd of Reg Prof Geologists,.jpg
81.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\JPEG Format\Page 1 of Revised Rules, Bd of Reg Prof Geologists, July 17,.jpg
82.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\JPEG Format\Page 2 of Revised Rules, Bd of Reg Prof Geologists, July 17,.jpg
83.pdf BoardofRegisteredProfessionalGeologists\JPEG Format\Page 3 of Revised Rules, Bd of Reg Prof Geologists, July 17,.jpg
86.pdf CommercialMobileRadioServiceBoard\CMRSCOVER.wpd
87.pdf CommercialMobileRadioServiceBoard\CMRSRulesandRegs.wpd
88.pdf CommercialMobileRadioServiceBoard\CMRSTable.wpd
89.pdf CommissionontheStatusofWomen\admin.rules.women.commn.rtf
91.pdf DEQ\Administrative Rules Commission.pdf
93.pdf DEQ\Administrative Rules Permit Board.pdf
94.pdf DEQ\APA Form Draft Amendment No. 1 to FY-06 IUP.doc