Journal of the Proceedings with the Choctaw Nation Z/2343.000/S

This is a handwritten "true copy" produced by George B. Crogill and Thomas Lewis of the "Journal of the Proceedings with the Choctaw Indians, 1826," written by United States commissioners appointed to negotiate treaties with the Choctaws. Dating between November 10, 1826, and November 16, 1826, the journal describes two unsuccessful proposals for Choctaw land cession offered by United States commissioners, including William Clark, John Coffee, and Thomas Hinds, to Choctaw representatives, including Chief Tapena Homa (General Hummingbird), James L. McDonald, Israel Folsom, and interpreter Major J. L. Pichlyn. The journal also relates the successful negotiations between Choctaw leader David Folsom and Superintendent of Indian Affairs William Clark for peace between the Choctaws and the Osage and Delaware tribes.

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