Baer (Byron M.) Freedom Riders Collection Z/2309.000/S

This collection contains correspondence, notes, publicity flyers, scrapbook pages, newsclippings, and other materials concerning the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the 1961 Freedom Rides to Jackson, Mississippi. Most of the materials relate to Byron M. Baer’s experience as a Freedom Rider and his resulting imprisonment in the Mississippi State Penitentiary (Parchman Farm). Of particular interest are originals and photocopies of correspondence sent by Baer and other Freedom Riders during their imprisonment and photocopies of daily notes written by Baer on tissue during his time at Parchman.
Catalog Record
Filename Date Descr
Z2309-1-1.pdf 1961 Folder 1: Correspondence, notes, and other documents related to Freedom Rider imprisonment in Parchman Penitentiary.
Z2309-1-2.pdf 1961 Folder 2: Letter from Byron M. Baer to Mrs. Elizabeth Kroll, written on toilet paper in Parchman Penitentiary.
Z2309-1-3.pdf 196x Folder 3: Byron M. Baer's codes for prison communication, trial information, and a hearing aid receipt, 1961-1962.
Z2309-1-4.pdf 196x Folder 4: Freedom Rider correspondence; publicity flyers; and a 1964 report on a study of Freedom Riders' race, gender, geographic distribution, motivation, political and philosophical views, and religious identification; 1961-1964; n.d.
Z2309-1-5.pdf 1961 Folder 5: Byron M. Baer's "Confessions of a Freedom Rider" scrapbook, containing newsclippings, photographs, and other information, both typed and handwritten, compiled on construction paper.
Z2309-1-6.pdf 1961 Folder 6: Newsclippings.
Z2309-1-7.pdf 1961 Folder 7: Newsclippings.
Z2309-1-8.pdf 196x Folder 8: Newsclippings, 1961-1962; n.d.