Red Hills Power Project Files, 1992-2001 Series 2590

This series includes approximately 145 JPEG images and Microsoft Project and PowerPoint files documenting the groundbreaking and construction of the Red Hills EcoPlex, an industrial site in Choctaw County centered around a power plant fired by lignite from an adjacent coal mine. The Red Hills EcoPlex was designed as an ecologically-sensitive industrial park intended to minimize waste and pollution while maximizing profit. The files in this series were apparently maintained by Ron Forsythe, manager of the Policy Analysis and Planning Bureau of the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development (now the Mississippi Development Authority). The single Microsoft Project file and two PowerPoint presentations have been converted to PDF files for easier access.

Catalog Record

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Filename Date
MAR31-2.JPG 1999-03-31
MAR31-3.JPG 1999-03-31
MAR31-4.JPG 1999-03-31
990412A.JPG 1999-04-12
990412B.JPG 1999-04-12
990412C.JPG 1999-04-12
990412D.JPG 1999-04-12
990421A.JPG 1999-04-21
990421B.JPG 1999-04-21
990421C.JPG 1999-04-21
990427A.JPG 1999-04-27
990427B.JPG 1999-04-27
990427C.JPG 1999-04-27
CIRC~H2O.JPG 1999-05-03
EUROSILO.JPG 1999-05-03
JAN~FILE.JPG 1999-05-03
MVC-006Fa.JPG 1999-05-03
MVC-010F.JPG 1999-05-03
MVC-016F.JPG 1999-05-03
MVC-017F.JPG 1999-05-03
NOR~BLER.JPG 1999-05-03
NORTWST.JPG 1999-05-03
PWR~BLCK.JPG 1999-05-03
SOUTEST.JPG 1999-05-03
TRK~DUMP.JPG 1999-05-03
WEST~JAN.JPG 1999-05-03
990504A.JPG 1999-05-04
990504B.JPG 1999-05-04