Moncrief (Winfred) Photograph Collection PI/1994.0005

The collection consists of 890 black-and-white photonegatives produced during the course of Winfred Moncrief's career as a photographer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in the 1950s and '60s. The photographs cover a variety of topics, including civil rights activities, the 1953 Vicksburg tornado, Paul B. Johnson Jr.'s successful 1963 gubernatorial campaign and 1964 inauguration, a 1964 Tatum Salt Dome nuclear test, and an October 1965 Ku Klux Klan rally.

Mr. Moncrief's negatives have been digitized by MDAH and are presented as positive, grayscale images accompanied by bibliographic and descriptive information. Twenty-three photographs attributed to Jim Ellis, a student photographer with whom Mr. Moncrief worked at the Hattiesburg American, were donated with the photograph collection and may be viewed in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building Archival Reading Room, but they are not available in electronic format.

Collection Description General & Tech Data Catalog Record

Image Arrangement and Numbering

When the Moncrief negatives were donated in 1994 they were simply batched in envelopes by the photographer. There was no specific arrangement other than a very loose grouping according to content. In 1997, photoprints were made from the negatives by an outside contractor. These prints were numbered and described in the order they were received from the contractor. Because duplicate prints were made from some negatives, there are more prints than negatives, and the collection finding aid reflects this arrangement. MDAH scanned the negatives, rather than the prints, so the numbering of the digital images does not always match the numbers assigned to the prints. In addition, a few negatives that had not been printed were scanned at the end of the collection and were thus removed from their logical content location.

Technical Details

Original Scans: The original scans of the Moncrief Photograph Collection were carried out from November 2004 to May 2006, according to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Board of Trustees' approved imaging procedures, following ANSI/AIIM recommended practice. The photonegatives were scanned as uncompressed, 8-bit grayscale, negative TIFFs at 500% original size and 600 pixels per inch.

Conversion: MDAH created positive copies of the Moncrief TIFFs for improved access. For web display, they were saved as JPEG tile sets.

Scanning Comments: The photographic negatives were scanned in the order they were cataloged. Because the images are five times larger than the negatives from which they were scanned, dust and scratches may be more apparent on some of the images.

Rights Management

The electronic files in the Moncrief Photograph Collection are intended for public use in research, teaching, and private study in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Use clause of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Any use beyond that prescribed by Fair Use requires the permission of the copyright holder, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. In addition, MDAH asks that each image used in a presentation, display, or publication be accompanied by the following credit statement:

Credit: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Publicity and Privacy Rights:
MDAH alerts the user to the issue of publicity and privacy rights of subjects pictured in these images. Distinct from copyright, which concerns the creator/owner of the intellectual content, publicity and/or privacy rights apply to individuals visible in photographs who did not sign a contract or release form giving the photographer the legal right to use his/her image. Publicity and privacy rights also differ from copyright in that there are no exemptions for Fair Use or Educational purposes. These rights are not regulated by federal law but by state statute and common law. When using images from this collection it is the patron's responsibility to determine whether privacy and publicity rights issues may exist and consider the mitigating factors.

Copy Availability

High-resolution TIFFs of the images may be purchased from MDAH. The MDAH Public Order procedure and fee schedule apply. Consult the Photoreproduction and Digital Imaging policy or contact MDAH Reference Staff for order options as well as information on how to obtain and complete the necessary Public Order forms: 601-576-6876 or