County Agricultural High Schools Scrapbook, ca. 1927 Series 1611

The series consists of a scrapbook containing textual information, site plans and photographs for 46 county agricultural high schools established in Mississippi between 1908 and 1924. The schools, some of which later became community colleges, taught boys and girls such fundamental skills of farm life as land drainage, terracing, orchard management, cooking, and care of livestock, in addition to furthering their academic training. For each school in the scrapbook there is a typewritten form containing information such as the nature of the school's extension work, number of classrooms, student enrollment by sex (for school year 1925-1926), acres of land owned by school and their usage, number of boarding students by sex, and number of teachers and their average salaries. The scrapbook also contains site plans for most institutions. The plans vary in quality, some being rough, amateurish sketches while others are more carefully executed and detailed. Most are not to scale. Arrangement is alphabetical by county.

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