Shankle, Hugh W., Collection PI/COL/1981.0066

Hugh Warren Shankle (1921- ) was a photo technician with WLBT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi, during the late 1950s and '60s. He was also the official photographer for the Mississippi Art Association and timpanist in the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. This collection consists of two hundred sixty eight images of local personalities, beauty contestants, inauguration ceremonies, and historical houses and buildings in Jackson and other locations in Mississippi, as well as Ole Miss football, including the January 2, 1962, Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Three of the photographs in the collection were taken by Hugh Shankle's nephew, Lester Van Zant, Jr. (1940- ).

Collection Description General & Tech Data Catalog Record

Image Arrangement and Numbering

The photographic curator numbered the photographic materials in the Shankle, Hugh W., Collection in the order they were received from Hugh Shankle.

Technical Details

Digital Photographs: The original scans of the Shankle, Hugh W., Collection were made by the Image & Sound Section staff in 2010, according to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Board of Trustees’ approved imaging procedures, following ANSI/AIIM recommended practice. Color photographs were scanned as uncompressed, 24-bit RGB TIFF files at 600 pixels per inch. Black-and-white photographs were scanned as uncompressed, 8-bit Grayscale TIFF files at 600 pixels per inch.

Conversion: For Web display, the original scans of the Shankle, Hugh W., Collection were converted to JPEG images in 2011.


Hugh Shankle conveyed to MDAH all rights to his and his nephew's photographs in the Shankle, Hugh W., Collection when he donated the collection in 1981. MDAH asks that each image used in a presentation, display, or publication be accompanied by the following credit statement:

Credit: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Publicity and Privacy Rights

MDAH alerts the user to the issue of publicity and privacy rights of subjects represented in these scans. Distinct from copyright, which concerns the owner of the intellectual content, publicity and/or privacy rights apply to individuals who did not sign a contract or release form giving the creator the legal right to use his/her likeness or personal information. Publicity and privacy rights also differ from copyright in that there are not exemptions for Fair Use or educational purposes. These rights are not regulated by federal law but by state statute and common law. When using images from this collection it is the patron's responsibility to determine whether privacy and publicity rights issues may exist and consider the mitigating factors.

Copy Availability

JPEGs of the images may be purchased from MDAH. The MDAH Public Order procedure and fee schedule apply. Consult the Photoreproduction and Digital Imaging policy or contact MDAH Reference Staff for order options as well as information on how to obtain and complete the necessary Public Order forms: 601-576-6876 or