Governor Ronnie Musgrove

Series 2529: Proclamations, 2000-2003

The series consists of approximately 750 Microsoft Word documents used to compose 2000-2003 proclamations and associated files of Governor Ronnie Musgrove's administration. David Ronald (Ronnie) Musgrove became the sixty-second governor of Mississippi in 2000 and served until 2004. The proclamations are legal and non-legal official announcements of state holidays, flag lowerings, commendations, and similar topics. Legal proclamations were administered by the governor's legal counsel, signed by the governor, and issued by the Secretary of State's Office. Non-legal proclamations were managed by the governor's mail/correspondence coordinator and signed and issued by the governor. Form letters addressed to citizens who requested proclamations from the governor's legal counsel were saved with the proclamations. The proclamation files also contain Certificates of Recognition and Writs of Election issued by the governor, as well as "dates" (2002) and "summaries" (2003) files that list the proclamations by month.

MDAH was granted access to inventory the records of the Office of the Governor in the closing days of Musgrove's administration. Electronic work files created by the governor's staff were saved to a share drive on the office server. Legal proclamations and related files were stored together under a "legal\proclamations" directory. Non-legal proclamations and related files were arranged under a separate "proclamations" directory by year of our nation (July 4-July 3) or other date range, and thereunder by topic. Files not transferred for use by the succeeding Barbour administration were copied by MDAH staff onto CD-ROMs on January 9, 2004, and subsequently loaded onto the MDAH electronic archives server for preservation. In November 2006 the Microsoft Word files were converted to browser-friendly Portable Document Format (PDF) files and made available within the MDAH Electronic Archives User Interface.

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