Old Capitol Restoration Documents, 2009 Series 2646

The electronic files of this series include: (1) 2009 Restoration of the Mississippi Old Capitol Building: The Issues Addressed and the Decisions Rendered, Part 2, Comprehensive Historical Report on the 2009 Restoration of the Old Mississippi State Capitol, by Robert Parker Adams, saved as a Microsoft Word document; (2) a Microsoft Word document containing images of the restoration process, with captions; and (3) a PDF file of a computer drawing of the infrastructure of the Old Capitol dome. The files were submitted to the Old Capitol staff by Robert Parker Adams upon completion of the restoration of the Old Capitol Building in 2009, and copies were transferred to the MDAH Electronic Archives for permanent retention. The two Word documents have been converted to PDF files for public access. Part 1 of the report consists of three binders of paper documentation compiled by MDAH Architectural Historian Richard Cawthon that are currently housed in the office of the Old Capitol Museum Director and were not included in this series.

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