Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program Docum... Series 2824

The Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (MPACT) program was created by the Mississippi State Legislature in 1997 to help families save money to pay for their children's tuition at Mississippi's public two- and four-year colleges and universities. In 2001, the Legislature created a complementary savings program, the Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) program, to help families save for other costs related to college, such as textbooks and room and board. Together, MPACT and MACS make up the College Savings Plan of Mississippi, which is administered by the Office of the State Treasurer. Files consist of internal documents detailing office procedures, a compendium of Mississippi code sections pertaining to the MPACT and MACS programs, and an advisability and feasibility study for the program compiled in 1995-1996. All files were scanned from paper as PDF files by the Office of the State Treasurer and are available here as access copies.

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