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Works of art on paper in Series 42 of the Eudora Welty Collection by Mississippi artists William Eggleston, William Hollingsworth, Helen Jay Lotterhos, and Mildred Nungester Wolfe and an unidentified artist, as well as sound recordings of various interviews with Welty in the Audiovisual Collection were selected for digitization in the NEH grant. Due to rights restrictions, the digital images of artworks and the sound recordings are available only in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building. A link to previously digitized videos produced for Eudora Welty's episode of The Writer in America is also provided.

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The Writer in America - Eudora Welty - Videos

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) donated seven films of Eudora Welty reading her fiction and commenting about her work, with funding for conservation and digitization, to the MDAH Audiovisual Collection in 2006. The videos were produced in 1974-1975 in Jackson, Mississippi, for an episode of the PBS series The Writer in America. MDAH provides a link to these previously digitized videos here.