2004-2012, Administration of Haley Barbour

Haley Reeves Barbour became the sixty-third governor of Mississippi in January 2004 and served until January 2012. These series form part of Records of the Office of the Governor (RG 27/Barbour).

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259 Item(s) Series 1912

Governor Haley Barbour Bond Documents, 2002-2011

This series consists of 259 minutes, spreadsheets, memos, closing documents, and agendas pertaining to the State Bond Commission during Governor Barbour's two terms in office. Topics covered in the material include different types of bonds that were passed and supported in the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate, such as the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act (GO Zone), education initiatives, and road construction projects. Five CDs containing PDF scans of closing documents for State Bond Commission projects are available as Disk 0293 (September 1, 2010), Disk 0294 (November 10, 2010), Disk 0295 (May 31, 2011), Disk 0296 (July 5, 2011) and Disk 0297 (October 26, 2011). Copies of the PDF files are accessible with the electronic records for this series. The files (predominantly Word documents and Excel spreadsheets) are presented as PDF files for easier access.

967 Item(s) Series 2830

Governor Haley Barbour Communication Director's Files, 2004-2011.

This series consists of 967 memos, talking points, speeches and speech drafts, opinion pieces, press releases, communications strategy documents, and public appearance schedules created or edited by Governor Haley Barbour's communications directors from 2004 to 2011. Topics covered in the material include education reform, Medicaid legislation, Hurricane Katrina recovery, Mississippi's relationship with Toyota, and the state budget. The files (predominantly Word documents and Excel spreadsheets) are presented as PDF files for easier access. Some of the documents contain hyperlinks to web pages that no longer exist.

33 Item(s) Series 1185

Governor Haley Barbour Inaugural Materials, 2003-2004.

The series consists of thirty-three electronic documents pertaining to Governor Barbour’s inauguration for his first term in office. Born-digital materials include agendas and invitation lists for inaugural and pre-inaugural events, dating between the 2003 election and the 2004 inauguration. Of note is a copy of Governor Barbour’s inaugural address. The Word documents and Excel spreadsheets are presented as PDF files for easier access.

183 Item(s) Series 2809

Governor Haley Barbour Speeches, 2004-2011

This series consists of 183 speeches, speech drafts, and related memorandums of Governor Haley Barbour from 2004 to 2011. Topics covered in the material include the Freedom Rides anniversary, Medicaid legislation, Hurricane Katrina anniversary, Neshoba County Fair, Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the state budget. Documents (predominantly Word files) are presented as PDFs, and three Windows Media Video recordings of press conferences are available as MP4 files for easier access. One document (Remarks to MS School Board Association 10.31.06.doc) was partially corrupted prior to transfer to MDAH and is presented as it was received.

57 Item(s) Series 2814

Governor Haley Barbour Wireless Communications and Other Files, 2001-2010

This series consists of fifty-seven memos, letters, and documents created by Serena Clark, an attorney, who was a legal/policy advisor for Governor Barbour from 2008 through 2010. Topics covered in the material include development of the Mississippi Wireless Information Network (MSWIN) and the Mississippi Wireless Communication Commission, bonds, economic development, casino gaming, and post-Hurricane Katrina housing. The files (predominantly Word documents) are presented as PDF files for easier access.