Eudora Welty Collection Series 17. One Writer's Beginnings Z/0301.000/S

In 1983, Eudora Welty delivered a series of speeches, the William E. Massey Sr. Lectures in the History of American Civilization at Harvard University, and in 1984, Harvard University Press published those lectures under the title One Writer's Beginnings. The memoir is Welty's most autobiographical work, conveys the spirit of an era, and suggests much about the origins of creativity. This series comprises Welty's handwritten notes; typescript and photocopy pages with Welty's handwritten revisions and corrections, typically involving a word or phrase; a few large deletions; and many additions or revisions pinned or pasted on the pages. There are multiple subseries; one consists of "pages omitted from A Writer's Beginnings notes and tryouts" and another features pages of Welty's handwritten notes in a spiral notebook.

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