WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_001_12_ref.mov Zoo Kamper Park Zoo, Hattiesburg. Humane Society director interviewed. 1/28/72
MP_198901_001_15_ref.mov New Mall Design Garrel - New mall design (Hattiesburg) 1/28/72
MP_198901_001_04_ref.mov T. Hamby on oil well safety T. Hamby on oil well safety 1/9/72
MP_198901_001_09_ref.mov Laurel Urban Tour Laurel Urban Tour 2/11/72
MP_198901_001_06_ref.mov Laurel Urban Tour - Sumrall Laurel Urban Tour - Sumrall. Sumrall discusses the tour. 2/11/72
MP_198901_001_10_ref.mov Selection of Delegation Report Selection of delegation report. "J. C. Fairley" Loyalist vs. Freedom Democratic. 2/15/72
MP_198901_001_13_ref.mov Auto Excise Tax State Representative Robert Arrington, Lamar County representative, discusses auto excise tax. 2/21/72
MP_198901_001_16_ref.mov Arrington - Henson State Representative Robert Arrington and Henson on auto excise tax. 2/21/72
MP_198901_001_11_ref.mov Ingram Highways Senator Carroll H. Ingram, Forrest County state senator, discusses highways. 2/21/72
MP_198901_001_14_ref.mov Arrington - Board Attorney Robert Arrington, Lamar County representative, against Board of Supervisors"' attorneys serving in the legislature. 2/21/72
MP_198901_001_17_ref.mov Richard McKenzie on Tax State Representative Richard McKenzie discusses taxes on roads. 2/21/72
MP_198901_001_02_ref.mov Alpheus McRae on Laurel Ambulance Alpheus McRae on Laurel Ambulance 2/22/72
MP_198901_001_01_ref.mov Stennis on China Trip John Stennis on China trip (President Richard Nixon"'s China trip) 2/24/72
MP_198901_001_18_ref.mov Suzie Ruffin Suzie Ruffin (Laurel black parents leader) 2/24/72
MP_198901_001_05_ref.mov Explosives in Petal Four pieces of explosives in Petal. Police dispose of explosives. 2/24/72
MP_198901_001_03_ref.mov Rescue 7 Rescue 7 South East Mississippi Air Ambulance District helicopter, Hattiesburg landing at Forrest General Hospital 2/25/72
MP_198901_001_08_ref.mov Upcoming Legislative Session Hattiesburg area"'s state senators and representatives: Senator Carroll H. Ingram, Representative Richard McKenzie and Representative Robert Arrington... 2/3/72
MP_198901_001_07_ref.mov Urban Renewal Money Jack White, Laurel Urban Renewal director, discusses projects underway. 2/8/72
MP_199502_001_02_ref.mov House Fire Footage of a house fire with fire fighters on the scene. House is totally engulfed. 3/22/71
MP_199502_001_01_ref.mov Richton Art Festival Footage relating to the Richton Art Festival and interviews with organizers and exhibitors. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/22/71
MP_199502_001_04_ref.mov Richton Art Festival Shots of paintings at the Richton Art Festival. 3/22/71
MP_199502_001_03_ref.mov Brush Fire Footage of a brush fire on Rosewood Lake(?) with fire fighters. 3/23/71
MP_199502_001_05_ref.mov Green Science Hall William Carey College President, Ralph Nooncaster, speaks at the opening of the Green Science Hall on the campus in Hattiesburg. NOTE: Sound on this i... 3/23/71
MP_199502_001_08_ref.mov Traffic Records Seminar Karl Summers discusses the reason for the traffic records seminar. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/24/71
MP_199502_001_09_ref.mov USM Stadium Addition Senator Ed Pittman discusses hopes for an addition to the stadium as opposed to a new stadium. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/24/71
MP_199502_001_06_ref.mov Laurel Urban Renewal Shots of Laurel urban renewal projects. Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, shown. 3/24/71
MP_199502_001_07_ref.mov Fire Bombing Report on the firebombing of Hattiesburg hardware. Fire chief A. B. Sumrall shown. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/24/71
MP_199502_001_10_ref.mov Reed Green University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Director, Reed Green, discusses his disappointment in not getting a new stadium. (See item 12) NOTE: Sound... 3/25/71