WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_096_01_ref.mov Hattiesburg Busses Committee meeting with Buser and Hayes on Hattiesburg busing. (See item 4) 7/13/72
MP_198901_096_02_ref.mov Vo-Tech Education Interview with vo-tech principle, M. D. Johnson in Forrest County. (See item 5) 9/13/72
MP_198901_096_03_ref.mov Narcotics Dog Interview with Bobby Earl of the Hattiesburg police about the narcotics dog. 9/13/72
MP_198901_096_04_ref.mov Hattiesburg Busses Committee meeting with Buser and Hayes on Hattiesburg busing. (See item 1) 9/13/72
MP_198901_096_05_ref.mov Vo-Tech Education Vo-Tech film in Forrest County with shots of school facilities. (See item 2) 9/13/72
MP_198901_096_08_ref.mov Walter Bailey Lumber Company Kirk Kilpatrick reports on the desire of Laurel to relocate the Walter Bailey Lumber Company. 9/14/72
MP_198901_096_06_ref.mov Airplane for the Handicapped Footage of airplane equipped for the handicapped. Piper Cherokee? 9/14/72
MP_198901_096_07_ref.mov John Stennis Senator John C. Stennis discusses the Community Development Loan Program in his report from Washington. 9/14/72
MP_198901_096_10_ref.mov Revenue Sharing Interviews with Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, and Hattiesburg Mayor, Paul Grady on revenue sharing. (See item 12) 9/15/72
MP_198901_096_09_ref.mov Elementary School Classroom Footage of an elementary school classroom. Satellite Center? 9/15/72
MP_198901_096_11_ref.mov George McGovern Interviews on the steps of the University of Southern Mississippi"'s administration building with students for George McGovern, the Democratic Party p... 9/15/72
MP_198901_096_12_ref.mov Revenue Sharing Interviews with Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, and Hattiesburg Mayor, Paul Grady on revenue sharing. (See item 10) 9/15/72
MP_198901_097_01_ref.mov Forrest County Jail City Commission meets about Forrest County jail proposals. 7/27/72
MP_198901_097_03_ref.mov Glenda Meadows Interview with Glenda Meadows, Miss Mississippi. 7/28/72
MP_198901_097_02_ref.mov John Stennis Senator John C. Stennis discusses the Middle East in his report from Washington. 7/28/72
MP_198901_097_04_ref.mov Laurel Landfill Mayor Bill Patrick is interviewed about the Laurel landfill. 7/31/72
MP_198901_097_07_ref.mov Ellisville State School Footage of activities at the Ellisville State School including athletics. 7/31/72
MP_198901_097_08_ref.mov Nixon Re-election Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, on the committee to re-elect President Richard Nixon. 7/31/72
MP_198901_097_05_ref.mov Laurel Landfill Taxi driver, Fred Aycock, is interviewed about the hijacking of his cab and being driven 1320 miles. 7/31/72
MP_198901_097_10_ref.mov Daphne Park Daphne Park spokesperson, [ ] Rayburn, is interviewed at the swimming pool in Laurel. 8/1/72
MP_198901_097_11_ref.mov Laurel Park Expansion [ ] Rayburn, spokesperson for the Laurel Park System is interviewed about park expansion. 8/1/72
MP_198901_097_09_ref.mov New Hattiesburg Jail [ ] Carter is interviewed about the new jail in Hattiesburg. 8/1/72
MP_198901_097_06_ref.mov 16th Section Land [ ] Flynt, of the Mississippi Education Association, is interviewed about the need for legislation to deal with 16th section land. 8/1/72
MP_198901_097_12_ref.mov Hattiesburg House Fire Footage of a Hattiesburg house fire. (Site unidentified.) 8/1/72
MP_198901_098_01_ref.mov B. J. Landrum B. J. Landrum is interview about George McGovern and the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. 7/10/72
MP_198901_098_02_ref.mov Gene Walters Interview with Forrest County sheriff, Gene Walters, upon his receipt of a merit award. (See item 12) 7/24/72
MP_198901_098_03_ref.mov Highway 49 South car wreck Footage of a two car collision and interview with J.S. Hamilton and J.B. Dickerson, Mississippi Highway Patrol inspector about lowering the speed limi... 7/24/72
MP_198901_098_04_ref.mov Kamper Park Footage of men signs on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg at Kamper Park. 7/25/72