WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_199502_001_14_ref.mov John Stennis Senator John C. Stennis discusses the Tennessee-Tombigbee and other water projects in his report to constituents. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly de... 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_12_ref.mov Reed Green University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Director, Reed Green, discusses parking problems at the stadium. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deterio... 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_11_ref.mov Hattiesburg Sewage Footage of an open sewage drain in Hattiesburg. 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_13_ref.mov CCRA (?) Footage of an unidentified meeting. Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, shown. 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_15_ref.mov Fire Fighting Equipment Unidentified man speaking about purchasing firefighting equipment. Harrison County? NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_16_ref.mov Oil Festival Oil Festival spokesperson talks about selecting the Festival queen. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/26/71
MP_199502_001_17_ref.mov Miss USM Pageant Debbie Etheridge selected as Miss University of Southern Mississippi (?) Anita Bryant gives the award. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated... 3/27/71
MP_198901_002_02_ref.mov Wade Ken Wade Ken, Forrest County livestock auction representative. 1/2/72
MP_198901_002_01_ref.mov Unidentified Meeting Unidentified meeting (probably Hattiesburg school board). First black board member interviewed. 2/14/72
MP_198901_002_07_ref.mov Gary Sutherland Gary Sutherland denies accusations. 2/15/72
MP_198901_002_05_ref.mov Dewey McKee Dewey McKee (Loyalists). Wayne County unnamed organization to fight corruption. 2/1/72
MP_198901_002_04_ref.mov Perry County Grand Jury Report Perry County grand jury report. W. Adcox, A. Small, Howell and Gayden. Report on Beaumont High School Attendence Center. 2/17/72
MP_198901_002_03_ref.mov Boy Scout Drug Program Boy Scout drug program - Gordon White. 2/17/72
MP_198901_002_11_ref.mov Mayor Patrick Laurel"'s Mayor Patrick discusses law and order in Laurel schools. Laurel High School gymnasium. 2/21/72
MP_198901_002_14_ref.mov Democratic Regulars/Loyalists Meeting of the Democratic Regulars and the Loyalists. 2/21/72
MP_198901_002_13_ref.mov Hattiesburg New Industry Hattiesburg new industry and garbage. Paul Grady and Walter Parker. 2/21/72
MP_198901_002_12_ref.mov U. S. M. law school Dr. William David McCain in favor of law school at the University of Southern Mississippi. 2/23/72
MP_198901_002_09_ref.mov Perry County Report Perry County Report. Wite Report. Grand jury school report on Beaumont High School Attendance Center. 2/23/72
MP_198901_002_10_ref.mov State Senator Ray B. Chatham State Senator Ray B. Chatham interview in Jackson about off shore oil leasing. 2/23/72
MP_198901_002_08_ref.mov Sixteenth Section George Rogers, Lauderdale County representative, on sixteenth section. 2/25/72
MP_198901_002_15_ref.mov Pollution Hattiesburg report on pollution. Rev. Lum Partridge. 2/8/72
MP_199502_002_10_ref.mov Outtakes Stone Barefield and Emerson Stringer Legislature - Outtakes NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 3/28/71
MP_199502_002_09_ref.mov USM Budget State Representative Stone Barefield and Emerson Stringer discuss the University of Southern Mississippi budget. (See items 1, 2 and 10) NOTE: Sound o... 3/28/71
MP_199502_002_02_ref.mov College Appropriations State Representative Stone Barefield and Emerson Stringer discuss college appropriations in the state budget. (See items 1, 9, &10) NOTE: Sound on thi... 3/29/71
MP_199502_002_03_ref.mov Laurel Fire and Automobile Accident Footage of a Laurel firefighter on the scene at a house fire. Scenes of an automotive accident on I-59 in Laurel. (See item 5) 3/29/71
MP_199502_002_06_ref.mov Traffic Deaths Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer Wayne Valentine reports the location and number of traffic deaths in South Mississippi during the previous week. NO... 3/29/71
MP_199502_002_04_ref.mov Torch Lighting at War Memorial Hope Moye lights the torch at the veterans"' memorial. Footage of an unidentified man making a speech at the memorial about the anti-war demonstration... 3/29/71
MP_199502_002_01_ref.mov USM Stadium Expansion State Representative Stone Barefield and Emerson Stringer discuss the appropriation for the University of Southern Mississippi stadium expansion. (See... 3/29/71