WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_199502_006_04_ref.mov John Glenn Astronaut, John Glenn, speaks in the University of Southern Mississippi"'s Bennett Auditorium about man"'s future in space. NOTE: Sound on this item i... 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_02_ref.mov Corp of Engineers Hearing Footage showing the Corp of Engineers hearing. 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_03_ref.mov John Glenn Footage of astronaut, John Glenn"'s, plane landing in Hattiesburg. 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_07_ref.mov The Mikado Footage from a University of Southern Mississippi production of "The Mikado" NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_08_ref.mov Bob Hope Bob Hope"'s manager, Mark Anthony, discusses Hope"'s educational funds in an interview. (See item 5) NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_09_ref.mov Bob Hope Footage of a committee meeting at the University of Southern Mississippi announcing Bob Hope"'s show there. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deterior... 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_10_ref.mov Boa Constrictors University of Southern Mississippi graduate student, Tommy King, in interviewed about a litter of boa constrictors born at the school. (See item 11) N... 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_11_ref.mov Boa Constrictors Footage of baby boa constrictors. (See item 10) 5/6/71
MP_199502_006_12_ref.mov Train Derailment Footage of a train derailment at an unknown location. (Looks like off US 11 north of Petal). Crews are on the scene. 5/7/71
MP_198901_006_02_ref.mov Republic of New Africa Republic of New Africa arrests in Jackson. 8/18/71
MP_199502_007_03_ref.mov Bob Hope Bob Hope (See item 2) NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 05/??/1971
MP_199502_007_02_ref.mov Bob Hope Shots of Bob Hope"'s performance at Reed Green Coliseum on the University of Southern Mississippi campus. (See item 3) NOTE: Sound on this item is bad... 05/??/1971
MP_198901_007_04_ref.mov Jones County Supervisors Court decides against Jones County Supervisors"' bidding practices. 10/19/73
MP_198901_007_08_ref.mov Laurel Flood Laurel Flood. Tanlahala Flood. 12/28/73
MP_198901_007_03_ref.mov Jones County Tornado Shots of damage and interviews with victims of the tornado in Jones County. 4/25/73
MP_199502_007_04_ref.mov Bob Hope Shots of the audience at Hope"'s performance and Hope on stage. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 5/10/71
MP_198901_007_02_ref.mov Bradley Arrest Suspect, Bradley, arrested in connection with the robbery at the Citizens"' Bank on Broadway Drive in Hattiesburg. 5/23/73
MP_198901_007_01_ref.mov Citizens"' Bank Robbery Robbery at the Citizens"' Bank on Broadway Drive in Hattiesburg. 5/23/73
MP_199502_007_01_ref.mov Bob Hope Bob Hope is interviewed as he and his troupe arrive on a Mississippi Air Guard plane at the Hattiesburg airport. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly det... 5/7/71
MP_198901_007_05_ref.mov Culvert Purchase Investigation County financial records investigation related to culvert purchases (Beldek) 6/26/73
MP_198901_007_06_ref.mov Lauderdale County Grand Jury Lauderdale County Grand Jury. Culvert purchase irregularity investigation. 7/30/73
MP_198901_007_07_ref.mov Robert Ray Campbell Recovery of the body of Robert Ray Campbell found in Hattiesburg. Campbell was murdered in Houston. N. D.
MP_199502_008_04_ref.mov Purvis Car - Trailer Wreck Footage of a car - trailer wreck with trailer on its side and the car roof caved in. 5/10/71
MP_199502_008_02_ref.mov Jones County House Fire Footage of a house fire in Jones County with the fire department on the scene and the house fully engulfed. 5/10/71
MP_199502_008_03_ref.mov Traffic Fatalities Highway Patrol officer, Wayne Valentine, gives the weekly traffic fatality report for the southern districts. NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteri... 5/10/71
MP_199502_008_05_ref.mov Apartment Construction Bids Footage of unknown bids being opened for apartment construction sites 5/11/71
MP_199502_008_06_ref.mov A & I Board Meeting Footage of an Agricultural and Industrial Board Meeting in which Brad Dye, Counsel for the Board, talks about industrial expansion in Mississippi and... 5/11/71
MP_199502_008_07_ref.mov A & I Board Meeting Brad Dye at a meeting of the Agricultural and Industrial Board. (See item 6) NOTE: Sound on this item is badly deteriorated. 5/12/71