WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_094_14_ref.mov Cliff Finch District attorney, Cliff Finch, is interviewed. 12/23/71
MP_198901_094_12_ref.mov John Stennis Senator John C. Stennis speaks on the Charles Sullivan vs. James Eastland campaign in favor of Eastland. 12/2/71
MP_198901_094_16_ref.mov Unemployment benefits R. Bivens, is interviewed about unemployment benefits. 12/28/71
MP_198901_094_15_ref.mov No Fault Insurance Interview about using no fault insurance in Laurel. 12/28/71
MP_198901_094_17_ref.mov Jones County Officials Sworn In Footage of Jones County officials being sworn in. 12/31/71
MP_198901_094_03_ref.mov Hattiesburg Christmas Parade Footage of the Christmas Parade in downtown Hattiesburg. 12/7/71
MP_198901_094_04_ref.mov Russian Educational Trip Dr. Jessie Wall, of the University of Southern Mississippi, is interviewed about her attendance at a meeting at Moscow University. 12/7/71
MP_198901_094_05_ref.mov Laurel Streets Footage of Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, looking at Laurel street maps with others. (L.U.R.A. ?) 12/8/71
MP_198901_094_06_ref.mov Laurel Musical Production Interviews with unknown ministers about the reproduction of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" in Laurel. 12/9/71
MP_198901_094_02_ref.mov Wayne County Beer Sales Rick Centner reports about beer sales stopping in Wayne County. ND
MP_198901_095_08_ref.mov Camille"'s Anniversary (?) Lieutenant Colonel Claude E. Daniel, commander of the National Guard Construction Battalion and Bruce Wade discuss the anniversary of Camille. 8/17/71
MP_198901_095_01_ref.mov Hattiesburg Telephone Cable Construction Phone company employee is interviewed about the telephone cable construction site on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg. 8/17/71
MP_198901_095_04_ref.mov Marathon Walker Footage of the "Queen of the Road" marathon walker, Helen Hall, with a close-up of her vest covered with medals and badges. (See items 3 & 5) 8/17/71
MP_198901_095_05_ref.mov Marathon Walker Footage of the "Queen of the Road" marathon walker, Helen Hall. 8/17/71
MP_198901_095_02_ref.mov Delchamps-Woolco Grand Opening Footage of the Delchamps-Woolco grand opening in Hattiesburg. 8/18/71
MP_198901_095_07_ref.mov Alvin Sackler Alvin Sackler receives an award from the Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce. 8/18/71
MP_198901_095_09_ref.mov Kidney Machine An unidentified person is interviewed about a dialysis machine at Charity Hospital in Laurel. (See item 11) 8/19/71
MP_198901_095_10_ref.mov Norwegian Brass at Camp Shelby Mack Hayes interviews the Camp Shelby Guard General about the Norwegian Brass. 8/19/71
MP_198901_095_13_ref.mov Lauderdale County Supervisors Ronnie Massey accuses the Lauderdale County supervisors of improprieties. 8/20/71
MP_198901_095_11_ref.mov Kidney Machine Footage of the dialysis machine at Charity Hospital in Laurel. (See item 9) 8/20/71
MP_198901_095_12_ref.mov Charles Sewell Charles Sewell speaks at the Chamber of Commerce in Meridian. (See item 15) 8/20/71
MP_198901_095_14_ref.mov Broadacres Shopping Center J. F. Brownlee discusses Broadacres Shopping Center traffic control. 8/20/71
MP_198901_095_15_ref.mov Charles Sewell Charles Sewell speaks at the Chamber of Commerce in Meridian. (See item 12) 8/21/71
MP_198901_095_16_ref.mov Hattiesburg School System Lloyd Rhian, of the Hattiesburg School Board, speaks about the new instruction program to fit court orders. 8/23/71
MP_198901_095_17_ref.mov Theron Lynd Forrest County Circuit Clerk, Theron Lynd, is interviewed about voter turnout for the 2nd Democratic Primary. 8/23/71
MP_198901_095_18_ref.mov Charles Evers Gubernatorial candidate, Charles Evers, is interviewed about his campaign strategy. 8/23/71
MP_198901_095_06_ref.mov Ellisville State School Bill Walker, of the Special Olympics, is interviewed at Ellisville State School. ND
MP_198901_095_03_ref.mov Marathon Walker "Queen of the Road" marathon walker, Helen Hall, comes through Hattiesburg pushing a shopping cart. (See item 4 & 5)