WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_011_07_ref.mov Perma Coat Ceremonies Perma Coat ceremonies. 1/7/72
MP_198901_011_06_ref.mov Stone Barefield Stone Barefield on lease-sale bill. 1/7/72
MP_199502_011_01_ref.mov Laurel Youth Summer Employment Howard Weaver, from the Mississippi Employment Commission"'s Laurel office, discusses Laurel"'s Youth Job Center to help youth find summer employment.... 5/26/71
MP_199502_011_02_ref.mov Labor Dispute Don Diamond reports on Service Employers International Union. Mississippi tank NLRB dispute over representation. 5/27/71
MP_199502_011_04_ref.mov Jones County Voter Lists Donice Knight discusses the accusation that Jones County voter lists have been purged illegally. 5/27/71
MP_199502_011_05_ref.mov Laurel Miss Hospitality Contest Footage of the Miss Hospitality contest in Laurel with Connie Marie Kite being named. 5/27/71
MP_199502_011_03_ref.mov Hattiesburg"'s New Fire Truck Civil Service Commission Representative, A. G. Sumrall, discusses Hattiesburg"'s new fire truck. 5/27/71
MP_199502_011_06_ref.mov Memorial Day Traffic WDAM"'s Keith Glatzer interviews Mississippi Highway Patrol"'s J. B. Dickerson about the Highway Patrol"'s effort to curb accidents on Memorial Day. 5/28/71
MP_199502_011_07_ref.mov Jones County Car Wreck Footage of a car in a ditch in a two-car wreck in Jones County. 5/28/71
MP_199502_011_08_ref.mov Jones County Re-registration State Representative William Ruffin discusses re-registration in Jones County. 5/28/71
MP_199502_011_09_ref.mov William Carey College Commencement Footage of William Carey College"'s commencement exercises. 5/29/71
MP_199502_012_04_ref.mov Pearl River Junior College Graduation Senator John C. Stennis speaks at the Pearl River Junior College graduation. (See items 2, 3, & 5) 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_03_ref.mov Pearl River Junior College Graduation Senator John C. Stennis speaks at the Pearl River Junior College Graduation. (See items 2, 4, & 5) 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_06_ref.mov Metal Detector R. D. Carlisle explains why he uses a metal detector and where he looks. 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_05_ref.mov Pearl River Junior College Graduation Senator John C. Stennis speaks at the Pearl River Junior College graduation about war. (See items 2, 3, & 4) 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_01_ref.mov Forrest County Jail Break Forrest County Sheriff Gene Walters discusses the escape of Riley Hampton McCloud and his capture in Pascagoula. Footage of the prisoner being escorte... 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_02_ref.mov Pearl River Junior College Graduation Senator John C. Stennis speaks to the graduation class at Pear River Junior College. Footage of the graduates marching and receiving their diplomas. (... 5/31/71
MP_199502_012_07_ref.mov Marijuana Plants Footage of police officers at the scene where young marijuana plants were found in Jones County. (See items 9 & 14.) 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_08_ref.mov Lamar County Hippy Colony Reporter, Steve Rubin, discusses possible rock festival in Lamar County from where it is to be held and interview residents about their thoughts about... 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_09_ref.mov Marijuana Plants Jones County Sheriff, S. L. Green, is interviewed about the marijuana plants found in Jones County. (See items 7 & 14) 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_10_ref.mov Charles Sullivan Gubernatorial candidate, Charles Sullivan, speaks about how good government will make a difference in the economic progress of the state in an address... 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_11_ref.mov Western Union Strike Rick Centner reports on the Western Union strike from in front of the Hattiesburg office. 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_12_ref.mov Laurel Accident Footage of a fatal accident scene in Laurel. 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_13_ref.mov Laurel Hospitality Week Laurel police pull over a tourist"'s car to show Laurel hospitality. Couple shown around Laurel Mayor, Bill Patrick, and Miss Hospitality, Connie Mari... 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_14_ref.mov Marijuana Plants Footage of marijuana plants found in Jones County. (See items 7 & 9) 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_15_ref.mov Lamar County Hippy Colony N. T. Bonds is interviewed about the rock festival in Lamar County. 6/1/71
MP_199502_012_16_ref.mov Laurel Auto Fatality Footage of fatal Laurel auto accident on I-59. 6/1/71
MP_198901_012_03_ref.mov B. J. Landrum on McGovern B. J. Landrum on McGovern. 7/10/72