WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_089_07_ref.mov Charles Evers Charles Evers"' campaign speech in Hattiesburg. (See item 9) Dated 06/13/1971 & 06/14/1971 6/13/71
MP_198901_089_14_ref.mov William Winter Lieutenant Governor, William Winter, on Greaves(?) 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_15_ref.mov WDAM Editorial Award Footage of the WDAM Editorial Award at the Sheridan in Biloxi. 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_13_ref.mov John Vaught University of Mississippi"'s ex-coach, John Vaught is chosen as MBA"'s Mississippian of the Year. (See item 6) 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_16_ref.mov Jack Waite Jack Waite is interviewed about law suit. (LURA?) 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_12_ref.mov USM"'s Judge Advocate General School Footage of the Army Reserve School at the University of Mississippi 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_10_ref.mov Jimmy Swan Campaign Rally Jimmy Swan Campaign Rally 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_09_ref.mov Charles Evers Charles Evers"' campaign speech in Hattiesburg. (See item 7) 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_17_ref.mov Laurel Urban Renewal Cliff Brown reports on court rulings on urban renewal projects in Laurel. 6/14/71
MP_198901_089_06_ref.mov Johnny Vaught Footage of University of Mississippi ex-coach, Johnny Vaught, receiving the MBA Mississippian of the Year Award at the Sheridan in Biloxi. (See item 1... 6/2/71
MP_198901_089_05_ref.mov Charles Sullivan Campaign Rally Sullivan for Governor campaign rally ND
MP_198901_090_11_ref.mov Palmers Crossing Volunteer Fire Dep "Man on the Street" interviews about the Palmers Crossing Volunteer Fire Department. 10/25/71
MP_198901_090_12_ref.mov Charles Evers Campaign Rally Myrlie Evers is shown at a rally for Charles Evers with New York Mayor, John Lindsey, speaking. 10/25/71
MP_198901_090_03_ref.mov GOP Victories Jones County Republican Chairman, Ralph Simmons, speaks on Republican victories. 11/3/71
MP_198901_090_02_ref.mov Poll Watchers District Attorney, James Finch, says poll watchers were not necessary in Forrest County. 11/3/71
MP_198901_090_01_ref.mov Jones County GOP Jones County Republican Chairman, Ralph Simmons, is interviewed about the relationship of the Mississippi Republican Party to the National Party. 11/3/71
MP_198901_090_06_ref.mov Nutritional Instruction Ventriloquist, Linda McGee, teaches nutrition. 11/4/71
MP_198901_090_05_ref.mov USM Homecoming Footage of floats being prepared for the University of Southern Mississippi homecoming. 11/4/71
MP_198901_090_04_ref.mov Dr. Ray Skates University of Southern Mississippi history professor, Dr. Ray Skates, discusses his observations on elections. (See item 9) 11/4/71
MP_198901_090_10_ref.mov Hattiesburg Industrial Corporation Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce spokesperson is interviewed about the new industrial corporation. (See item 13) 11/5/71
MP_198901_090_09_ref.mov Dr. Ray Skates University of Southern Mississippi professor, Dr. Ray Skates, speaks about change in Mississippi politics. (See item 4) 11/5/71
MP_198901_090_07_ref.mov Truck Wreck Footage of a lumber truck and car wreck and victim being taken to an ambulance. (Site unknown) 11/5/71
MP_198901_090_08_ref.mov Hattiesburg Fires Footage of Monday night Hattiesburg fires. 11/5/71
MP_198901_090_14_ref.mov USM Homecoming Footage of the University of Southern Mississippi homecoming football game. 11/6/71
MP_198901_090_16_ref.mov Playboy in Hattiesburg Owner of newsstand is interviewed about the order to stop selling Playboy. 11/8/71
MP_198901_090_13_ref.mov Hattiesburg Industrial Corporation Report on the new Hattiesburg industrial corporation. (See item 10) ND
MP_198901_090_15_ref.mov George Payne Cossar Mississippi State Legislator, George Payne Cossar, is interviewed on the National Legislative Conference. ND
MP_198901_091_03_ref.mov Wayne County Suit Randall Lee is interviewed about suit. 11/12/71