WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_092_05_ref.mov Communication Workers of America Strike Footage of supervisors manning switchboards during the CWA strike in Hattiesburg. (See item 6) 7/14/71
MP_198901_092_07_ref.mov Laurel Schools City attorney, Bill Deavors, answers questions at a press conference about Justice Department plans for Laurel schools. 7/14/71
MP_198901_092_10_ref.mov Communication Workers of America St John Fox and Glenn Canfield on CWA strike. 7/14/71
MP_198901_093_05_ref.mov Hattiesburg Bus Service [ ] Feahr is interviewed about bus service in Hattiesburg. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_01_ref.mov Garbage Pick-Up in Hattiesburg Stuart McBride, discusses garbage pick-up in Hattiesburg. (See item 6 &7) 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_08_ref.mov Charles Sullivan Gubernatorial candidate, Charles Sullivan, gives a campaign speech in Laurel. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_07_ref.mov Hattiesburg Garbage Service Stuart McBride is interviewed about not being able to bid on Hattiesburg garbage service. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_06_ref.mov Hattiesburg Garbage Service Hub City Garbage with Stuart McBride reports on garbage service in Hattiesburg and wants to continue city services. (See items 1 & 7) 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_04_ref.mov Laurel Ambulance Service Alpheus McRae is interviewed about ambulance service in Laurel. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_03_ref.mov Camp Shelby Award General John Sims, of the Mississippi Army National Guard, is given an award at Camp Shelby. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_02_ref.mov Highway 49 Traffic Lights Hattiesburg Assistant Chief of Police, Jack Trigg, is interviewed about new traffic lights on Highway 49. 8/11/71
MP_198901_093_10_ref.mov Mayor John Lindsey Reporter Rick Centner interviews Republican, Dr. James Moyes, about the Mayor of New York, John Lindsey, becoming a Democrat. 8/12/71
MP_198901_093_11_ref.mov Fire Ants Interview about fire ant poison. (See item 12) 8/12/71
MP_198901_093_09_ref.mov Hattiesburg Garbage Pick-up John McGregor, Jr., is interviewed about commercial garbage pick-up in Hattiesburg. (See item 13) 8/12/71
MP_198901_093_13_ref.mov Hattiesburg Garbage Pick-up John McGregor, Jr. is interviewed about city commercial garbage pick-up. (See item 9) 8/12/71
MP_198901_093_12_ref.mov Fire Ants Report on fire ants in Hattiesburg. (See item 11) 8/12/71
MP_198901_093_16_ref.mov William Waller Gubernatorial candidate, William Waller, on "Machine" at a campaign rally. 8/13/71
MP_198901_093_17_ref.mov Ellisville State School Interview about Ellisville State School special Olympics. (Person interviewed not identified). 8/13/71
MP_198901_093_14_ref.mov Hattiesburg High School Band Footage of Hattiesburg High School band rehearsal and interview with [ ], Tommy O"'Neal. 8/13/71
MP_198901_093_15_ref.mov Ellisville State School Interview about Ellisville State School activities. (Person interviewed not identified). 8/13/71
MP_198901_093_18_ref.mov President Nixon"'s Economic Policies Vardaman, Steadman, & Goldman discuss President Richard Nixon"'s economic policies. 8/16/71
MP_198901_094_01_ref.mov Jones County Youth Court Mrs. Ann Landrum is interviewed by Rick Centner about the Jones County Youth Court. 11/23/71
MP_198901_094_07_ref.mov Hattiesburg Drugs Interviews about use of amphetamines in Hattiesburg. 12/10/71
MP_198901_094_09_ref.mov Neco Electrical Products Corporation Scenes of the ceremony of the 20th year of the Neco Electrical Products Corporation in Bay Springs. 12/14/71
MP_198901_094_08_ref.mov Hattiesburg Service Central Interview with an unidentified man about Hattiesburg Service Central. (Carl S. Porter)? 12/14/71
MP_198901_094_10_ref.mov India-Pakistan Conference Dr. Robert Pearson is interviewed on the University of Southern Mississippi campus about the India-Pakistan Conference. 12/14/71
MP_198901_094_11_ref.mov Humane Society Footage of dog kennel. 12/17/71
MP_198901_094_13_ref.mov Hattiesburg Drainage Problem Footage of a meeting on the Hattiesburg drainage problem. 12/20/71