WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_091_01_ref.mov Laurel Ambulance Service Rick Centner reports on the new ambulance service in Laurel while standing in front of old ambulances. 11/12/71
MP_198901_091_02_ref.mov Pigeon Drop Scam Mack Hayes reports from Hattiesburg police headquarters and interviews Mrs. Nell Pearce about the pigeon drop scam. 11/12/71
MP_198901_091_04_ref.mov Hattiesburg Fire Training Footage of the controlled burning of a house in Hattiesburg. 11/13/71
MP_198901_091_05_ref.mov Water Pollution John Niell is interviewed about water pollution. 11/15/71
MP_198901_091_06_ref.mov Hattiesburg Traffic Captain Jack Trigg, of the Hattiesburg Police Department, is interviewed about heavy weekend traffic violations. 11/15/71
MP_198901_091_07_ref.mov Hattiesburg Fire Dept. Toy Drive Frank Odom, is interviewed about the Hattiesburg Fire Department Christmas Toy Drive by reporter, Mack Hayes. 11/15/71
MP_198901_091_09_ref.mov Absentee Ballot Alternative State Representative, Stone Barefield, discusses the alternative on the absentee ballot. 11/16/71
MP_198901_091_08_ref.mov Highway 49 Accident J. B. Dickerson, of the Mississippi Highway Patrol, is interviewed at the scene of a 5-car accident caused by smoke from a fire crossing highway 49. 11/16/71
MP_198901_091_13_ref.mov Gil Carmichael Republican, Gil Carmichael, speaks to the East Mississippi Council. 11/17/71
MP_198901_091_10_ref.mov Jasper-Clarke Woodcutters Interviews with 3 woodcutters about the cutters"' union. (See items 14 & 16) 11/17/71
MP_198901_091_11_ref.mov USM ACLU decision University of Southern Mississippi"'s Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Peter Durkee, is interviewed about the ACLU court decision. 11/17/71
MP_198901_091_12_ref.mov Hog Calling Senator Ed Pittman gives demonstration of hog calling (?) 11/17/71
MP_198901_091_14_ref.mov Jasper-Clarke Woodcutters Interviews about the woodcutters"' union. (See items 10 & 16) 11/17/71
MP_198901_091_18_ref.mov Hens, Inc. Hens, Inc. is interviewed about compliance with USDA regulations. 11/18/71
MP_198901_091_15_ref.mov Hattiesburg Public Transit Pamela Houghtling and Mack Hayes report on the Hattiesburg Public Transit Study. 11/18/71
MP_198901_091_16_ref.mov Jasper-Clarke Woodcutters Interviews about the woodcutters"' union. (See items 10 & 14) 11/18/71
MP_198901_091_17_ref.mov Employ the Handicapped Awards Ceremony Footage of the "Employ the Handicapped" awards ceremony. 11/18/71
MP_198901_092_06_ref.mov Communication Workers of America Strike John Fox and Glenn Canfield on CWA strike. (See item 5) 7/12/71
MP_198901_092_02_ref.mov Jimmy Swan Campaign speech (?) 7/12/71
MP_198901_092_03_ref.mov Jimmy Swan See item 2. 7/12/71
MP_198901_092_01_ref.mov Charles Sullivan Gubernatorial candidate, Charles Sullivan, speaks out on drugs. 7/12/71
MP_198901_092_04_ref.mov POW"'s Mrs. Tom Collins discusses the problem of POW"'s. 7/12/71
MP_198901_092_13_ref.mov Laurel Voter Registration Footage of Laurel voter registration with Mayor Bill Patrick registering. 7/13/71
MP_198901_092_14_ref.mov William Winter Lieutenant Governor, William Winter, is interviewed by voters. 7/13/71
MP_198901_092_11_ref.mov Appraisals (?) Hunnicutt and Associates Appraisals being checked. 7/13/71
MP_198901_092_12_ref.mov POW"'s Mrs. Tom Collins discusses POW"'s. 7/13/71
MP_198901_092_09_ref.mov POW"'s Footage of a meeting in Laurel about POW"'s. 7/14/71
MP_198901_092_08_ref.mov William Winter Lieutenant Governor, William Winter, discusses the Democrats in 1972 7/14/71