Quadrangle Maps, 1941-1995 Series 158

This series consists of standard U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps used for information and planning by the Mississippi Highway Department, later identified as the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). Counties, parishes, and cities of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee also appear on the sheets. The Department of Archives and History has paper maps created between 1941 and 1981 and electronic (PDF) copies of nine hundred thirty 1950-1995 maps scanned by MDOT and arranged alphanumerically by file name. The PDF files can be searched here by date and location. Paper maps are accessible in the archival reading room of the William F. Winter Building.

Catalog Record

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Filename Date City County State
Quadrangle1Arcola_Ms_1967.PDF 1967 Arcola Washington County Mississippi
Quadrangle1ArkabutlaEast_Ms_1983.PDF 1983 Arkabutla Tate County Mississippi
Quadrangle1ArkabutlaWest_Ms_1983.PDF 1983 Arkabutla Tate County Mississippi
Quadrangle1ArkansasCity_Ms_1972.PDF 1972 Arkansas City Desha County Arkansas
Quadrangle1Asa_Ms_1983.PDF 1983 Asa Panola County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Avalon_Ms_1982.PDF 1982 Avalon Carroll County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Avon_Ms_Ark_1970.PDF 1970 Avon Washington County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BagleyLake_Ms_1980.PDF 1980 Lafayette County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BaileyLake_Ms_1975.PDF 1975 Lafayette County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Baltzer_Ms_1966.PDF 1966 Baltzer Sunflower County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Banks_Ms_1982.PDF 1982 Banks Tunica County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Batesville_Ms_1982.PDF 1982 Batesville Panola County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Bayland_Ms_1988.PDF 1988 Bayland Yazoo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BaylandSE_Ms_1988.PDF 1988 Bayland Yazoo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BearGutBayou_Ms_1983.PDF 1983 Leflore County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Bellewood_Ms_1965.PDF 1965 Bellewood Humphreys County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Belmont_Ms_Ala_1950.PDF 1950 Belmont Tishomingo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Belzoni_Ms_1982.PDF 1982 Belzoni Humphreys County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Benoit_Ms_Ark_1972.PDF 1972 Benoit Bolivar County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Bentonia_Ms_1988.PDF 1988 Bentonia Yazoo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Benton_Ms_1988.PDF 1988 Benton Yazoo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Berryville_Ms_1989.PDF 1989 Berryville Yazoo County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Beulah_Ms_Ark_1969.PDF 1969 Beulah Bolivar County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BlackHawk_Ms_Ark_1982.PDF 1982 Black Hawk Carroll County Mississippi
Quadrangle1BowlingGreen_Ms_1964.PDF 1964 Bowling Green Holmes County Mississippi
Quadrangle1Boyer_Ms_1967.PDF 1967 Boyer Sunflower County Mississippi