Public Lands Maps, 1955-1971, 1977, 1981, 2004-2008, n.d. Series 2738

The series consists of maps highlighting national forests, reservoirs, and Indian treaty boundaries in Mississippi. Some maps also have federal- and state-aid routes and urban boundaries highlighted. Maps dating 1958-1964 and 1977-1981 show forest routes and boundaries only. Maps dated 2004-2008 feature Indian treaty boundaries with handwritten notes. Also included are two data sets from a 1955-1960 public lands study. The first data set describes total road mileage in Mississippi public lands, broken down by location. The second data set describes unpaved road mileage in national forests, broken down by highway commissioner’s district. The Department of Archives and History has electronic (PDF) copies of maps scanned by MDOT, arranged chronologically by folders and alphanumerically by file names.

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58 Item(s) Series 2738

1955-1960 Public Lands Study

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1958-1964 Forest Highways System

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1964-1972 Public Lands

27 Item(s) Series 2738

1981 Forest Highways System

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2004-2008, n.d. Indian Treaty Boundaries