WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion - MP 1989.01 and MP 1...

The WDAM Newsfilm Collection and Accretion consist of local television news film from television station WDAM-TV covering the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. Stories related to the Forrest, Jones, and Perry County areas were produced between approximately 1970 and 1975. They include national, state, and local politics; civil rights activities; sports; and natural and man-made disasters.

Filename Event Descr Date
MP_198901_100_04_ref.mov [ ] Smith Footage of [ ] Smith receiving an award. 8/29/72
MP_198901_100_05_ref.mov Dewey McKee Interview with reinstated school teacher, Dewey McKee. Wayne County incident. 8/29/72
MP_198901_100_06_ref.mov Dewey McKee (See item 5 & 7) 8/29/72
MP_198901_100_07_ref.mov Dewey McKee [ ] Cooley and school board rebuts McKee"'s judgement. 8/29/72
MP_198901_100_08_ref.mov Ingalls Employees State representative from Gulfport, Ben Stone, discusses Margaret Chase Smith"'s comments on Ingalls employees. 8/29/72
MP_198901_100_10_ref.mov Woodland Footage of a meeting in an auditorium where [ ] Leggett discusses Woodland"'s unauthorized expenses. 8/30/72
MP_198901_101_01_ref.mov Forestry Funds Hamp King, of the Perry County schools, is interviewed about the national government withholding forestry funds. They had gotten back payment the prev... 8/2/72
MP_198901_101_06_ref.mov Perry County Schools [ ] Melvin, of the Perry County schools, discusses meeting with the State Board of Education about funds. 8/2/72
MP_198901_101_02_ref.mov Ellisville State School Footage of people sitting around an office and interview about the fine arts program at Ellisville State School. (See item 7) 8/3/72
MP_198901_101_05_ref.mov Tax Assessments Forrest County tax assessor Mrs. Adelaide Smith discusses new county assessments for Forrest county. 8/4/72
MP_198901_101_04_ref.mov Gulf Coast Woodhaulers Association Interview with a member of the Gulf Coast Woodhaulers Association who is threatening to picket. 8/4/72
MP_198901_101_03_ref.mov Laurel Contract Footage of a Laurel contract signing ceremony. 8/4/72
MP_198901_101_07_ref.mov Ellisville State School Report on the fine arts program at Ellisville State School. (See item 2) 8/5/72
MP_198901_102_01_ref.mov Inflation, Gasoline Children in Kamper Park are asked what inflation is, and a University of Southern Mississippi professor is interviewed about the causes of inflation.
MP_198901_103_03_ref.mov La Boehme Preparation Footage of the stage being prepared at the University of Southern Mississippi for La Boehme. 2/15/71
MP_198901_103_01_ref.mov Hattiesburg Traffic Footage of traffic crossing on Hardy Street and Highway 49 in front of the University of Southern Mississippi campus entrance. Also, traffic in other... ND
MP_198901_103_02_ref.mov Prayer in School Federal Court Justice discusses decision on prayer in schools in a speech at the University of Southern Mississippi. ND
MP_198901_104_02_ref.mov Murder Footage of a body being dug up in a field across from Cloverleaf Mall. NOTE: Access to this item may be limited or restricted due to disturbing images... 11/6/73
MP_198901_104_01_ref.mov Storm Damage 1973 Year Ender. Footage of a house damaged by a storm. 12/00/1973
MP_198901_104_03_ref.mov Flooding Scenes of flooding around Hattiesburg. 12/28/73
MP_198901_104_04_ref.mov Tornado Damage Footage of a helicopter landing at the site of tornado damage to homes. Jones County? 5/20/73
MP_198901_105_03_ref.mov Laurel Landfill Report on the Federal Aviation Administration"'s order to move the landfill. Laurel Commissioner Paul James replies to the order. 7/23/74
MP_198901_105_02_ref.mov Laurel Drainage Footage of the Laurel City Council meeting on drainage. 7/23/74
MP_198901_105_01_ref.mov So. Miss. Planning & Development District [ ] Ainsworth and A. L. Gerrard, Hattiesburg Mayor discuss the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District. 7/23/74
MP_198901_105_05_ref.mov Miss William Carey Contest Footage of the Miss William Carey contest winner. 7/24/74
MP_198901_105_04_ref.mov Marijuana Bust Footage of the marijuana taken at the bust, probably in Hattiesburg. 7/24/74
MP_198901_106_01_ref.mov No Title Footage for a Watson"'s Shoes in Hattiesburg commercial. Young women modeling boots. ND
MP_198901_107_04_ref.mov Explosion Senator Ray B. Chatham interview at site of explosion about the safety changes necessary 8/26/74